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Advanced neuropathic care & treatment

Neuropathy is a chronic disease of the nerves that results from degeneration, inflammation or infection. This condition is characterized by a recurring painful sensation that feels like an electric shock radiating across the affected area. There are many causes of neuropathy: pressure from spinal discs, spinal stenosis, pinching of the nerves and carpal tunnel syndrome are just some of these common causes.

This chronic nerve condition requires individualized pain management since its symptoms may vary from one patient to another. For patients with significant symptoms, medication and surgery may be required; for others, lifestyle changes such as regular exercise, weight loss or smoking cessation may suffice. For effective management of the symptoms, speak with neurologist Dr. Edward G. Barton. He can help.

Causes & symptoms of neuropathy

When the nerves in the central nervous system are pinched, compressed or trapped, it produces a type of pain unlike any other. The same sensation is also produced when these nerves are afflicted with disease, inflamed or infected.

Because the nerves by themselves have no pain receptors, they don’t have any system that enables them to transmit pain signals to the brain. However, when these nerves are damaged, they send faulty signals, which the brain will misinterpret as pain. As a result, the patient will feel a sharp, burning sensation that shoots electric-like shock throughout the affected areas of the body. Other symptoms include numbness, a tingling sensation and hypersensitivity to heat, cold and vibration.

If you have symptoms such as numbness and tingling in hands or feet that may indicate peripheral neuropathy, put your trust in neurologist Dr. Edward G. Barton.

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